“Professional, innovative, and highly responsive, Stirling Technologies exceeded our expectations”

“We feel enormously fortunate to have worked with a team of individuals who demonstrated a genuine interest in our organization, thought critically about the ways in which a website would help us realize our immediate and long-term objectives, and placed a premium on delivering high-quality results. We are thrilled with our new website and have every intention of keeping in contact with Stirling Technologies.”Juliette Kenny, Executive Director.

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The AEAC’s website features a simple, organized and mobile-responsive new design. Designed to reflect the consortium’s visual identity, provide useful information about programs and activities, and showcase the academic strength of America East member institutions, the website is one of the most visible ways the AEAC is preparing for the next phase of its operations.

Individual University Pages


We created custom page template to allow each school their own profile on the site with a gallery, points of pride, quick facts, and so much more! These pages really brought out the personality of the AEAC’s community!

Upcoming Events


Built into the website is an admin side that allows AEAC users to add events for their users to attend.



We created an about page showcasing the leadership team at AEAC, each image clicks through to the individual’s own bio page.


Using the powerful WordPress content management system, the AEAC now has the capability to manage their site with more ease and flexibility than ever before. They’re incredibly happy with the ability and control to manage their website without needing to know any technical code.

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