An international supplier looking to utilize the power of the web.

When Nextek came to us, they were looking for much more than just a website designer. They were looking for a partner to help them leverage the web for their business in a way it had never been used before.

Our first meeting was more of a collaborative session than a sales pitch and it was clear right off the bat that they wanted to work with us just as much as we wanted to work with them.

This is a perfect example of a project that required us to fully immerse ourselves in the client’s business to get a feel for how the site should be framed. Going in knowing nothing about lightning arrestors and high-current filters gave us a fresh perspective and allowed us to design the site in a way that wasn’t overly technical – since not everyone buying their product was an expert.

One of the most crucial parts of the website, even though it wasn’t technically an ecommerce site, was to allow easy filtering of the different product offerings on a number of different facets to help users narrow down what they were looking for. We worked on fine tuning this for a large part of the project and were ultimately able to provide them with something that worked well for them and the user base.

After the project launched, Nextek had us take control of their Adwords campaign, which had been racking up enormous spend with poor results due to a lack of negative keywords, too few properly formed ad groups and more. We have since been working with them to reduce spend and increase ROI on the spend they put forward monthly. We implemented call tracking and pixels to track conversions and retarget site visitors. All this had been the foundation of an ongoing, successful online marketing campaign that continues to perform.

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