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The marketing team at Members Plus has a difficult job: after all, with competition from big banks with even bigger budgets able to offer endless services, the business of personal banking is more competitive than ever.

It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that most consumers shop for a checking or savings account or for a loan through the internet. Members Plus recognized this and knew that in order to stay in the game, they were going to need a compelling web presence to draw in new customers.

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The new design offered all of these things along with a clean, professional and, of course, mobile-friendly design. We integrated a mobile banking login front and center for existing customers, as well as a manageable quicklinks section. Initial input that many prospective customers didn’t know that credit unions were available to them led us to create an interactive map and callout section to really drive the point home.

On the back-end, we created a whole new way of managing rates using advanced WordPress development that made it easier than ever to update and display rates across the site. The mega menu navigation features promotional areas for an image and tagline that can be changed at any time to display special promotions or new offerings. We created an intuitive branch manager system that can be used to add branch information and add branches as they grow, along with a slick front-end interface to compliment it. Finally, we set them up with secure SSL (an important feature their site did not have before) to put customers mind at ease.

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After launch, Members Plus realized the need for ongoing services and signed up to have us build up their social pages and help them come up with a cohesive content strategy for their blog. We explained that these are key ways to drive more traffic to the site and they agreed that every strategy was a worthwhile one. Since then, we’ve continued to work with them on an ongoing basis and have watched the analytics for the site respond positively to the improved platform and content strategy.

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