Good N U

Uncovering an untapped audience.
Redefining their neighborhood restaurant.


Good N U is a New England restaurant group with a variety of individual restaurants, each serving distinct populations and neighborhoods. They came to us looking to gain a deeper understanding of their target audiences and to develop a more coherent brand identity for each restaurant, rooted in insights about the customers they serve and the communities they live in.


Good N U restaurants are more than just a place to grab a bite to eat, they are social hubs for their communities, where friends, families, and neighbors gather and celebrate the character of the neighborhood.


We created a Good N U Brand Playbook complete with data-driven audience personas for each neighborhood. Each restaurant gained a better understanding of their customer base and effective ways to engage them. Additionally, we established global brand standards and content guidelines for all their marketing initiatives to empower Good N U to bring their brands to life.

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