Re-imagining the
storytelling for a
technology brand.

Leading the customer service and support industry with cutting-edge technology is not an easy task. What’s even more difficult is selling people on technology they’ve yet to understand.

One of our most prolific clients – Glance – provides customer visual engagement software for major software and hardware companies. Even as a company comprised of software and web developers, they needed help in the design and strategy departments, so they called us in. While their former website was far from outdated, it lacked a professional edge, proper SEO to help them get inbound leads and did a poor job at framing the brand and its unique offerings.

One of the major challenges was helping Glance figure out how best to convey their Panorama package – their all-in-one product – and how to distinguish that from their individual “a la carte” products. It was also very important that they were able to push products out in the context of the vertical markets they were trying to target – healthcare, SaaS, finance, retail – the list goes on.

We worked with them very closely, joining their team in many a candid conversation about design, layout, navigation and everything in between. What we delivered was a polished product that filled in the gaps in the understanding of their product offerings that they very much appreciated.

Since launch, they have seen tremendous growth in inbound leads and attribute much of that to the website’s much-improved messaging, look and finely-tuned SEO. We’ve worked with them on an ongoing basis doing everything from marketing to A/B testing to even redesigning parts of the homepage to increase conversions. Glance stands as one of our best success stories and we expect our relationship to continue for years to come.

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  • Spring 2015, Relaunch January 2016

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