Using technology to create a user-friendly experience for city patrons, staff, and visitor

The City of Woburn’s new website features prominent Actions Centers, Latest News, and unique pages for each specific departments to create a user-friendly website experience for residents, visitors, and Woburn employees.

The City of Woburn, located 9 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts, has a population size of 39,492 residents. The City of Woburn consists of several departments each with their own responsibilities. Stirling Technologies was eager to create a website for Woburn that was both sleek and cutting edge, and also, user-friendly and interactive.

Upcoming events are a major feature of Woburn’s new website design. Stirling Technologies crafted a calendar system that is not only simple to view but also simple to manage. Creating an overall user-friendly experience for both patrons and City Officials.

Live Updates featured at the top of City of Woburn’s website allows convenience for patrons to get current information on Trash & Recycling, Street Sweeping, Public Schools, and Detours & Construction.

Action Center features allow for a simple navigation to all the important features of the City of Woburn website. Whether one wants to apply for a Business Certificate, learn more about the public school system, or make an online payment, it can be done quickly and easily. The Action Centers use Quick Links as an effective tool to reduce time spent searching on a large city site.

For a further look into the future of the City of Woburn and its website, you can view City of Woburn’s Chief Innovation Officer David Mastronardi’s latest post

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