Igniting the marketing engine of an emerging tech startup.
Making their presentation as powerful as their technology.


Bluespec is a fast growing startup in the emerging space of open source hardware. RISC-V is a new processor platform that is enabling innovation at a rapid pace, but it can be a risky undertaking without a partner and platform to offer tools and services to make it more accessible and mitigate risk. Bluespec came to us to help tell their story and establish themselves as a leader and hero in the RISC-V world, providing confidence to engineers considering RISC-V for their projects.


Engineers considering RISC-V for their project want a partner that gives them confidence that they are making the right choice, and has the tools and expertise to help them succeed.


We built a new website experience for Bluespec that immediately immersed their audience in the world of hardware innovation and quickly connected them to simple tools and information. We created the first interactive Core Comparison tool, allowing users to search for pre-configured and pre-validated cores that best fit their needs and specifications.

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