A forward-thinking
biotech company in
need of a worldwide brand.

Losing weight is a difficult task. Standing out against a sea
of competitors is even harder. We worked with Allurion to float above so they could help others across the globe.

We have a long history of working with businesses of all sizes, but it’s always something special when you’re sitting across the table (or, in this case, coffee table) from a fellow startup. Allurion Technologies is a biotechnology startup comprised of Harvard graduates who have developed a completely revolutionary, non-invasive weight loss procedure that they are in the process of bringing to market. We were captivated and inspired. The website was meant to be mostly informational, but we saw it as an opportunity to bring a cutting-edge look to the brand, which was still in its formative stages.


The website we produced ended up taking them for the ride to fame: after we launched the website, they launched several important press releases that landed them news spots across the country and the world. The website received tens of thousands of hits over a couple days and was prepared for the traffic, with everyone heading there to find out more about the breakthrough medical device. The product is still on it’s way to market in the US but we look forward to one day hearing about someone getting “The Elipse” and knowing we were there from the beginning.

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  • Spring 2014, Relaunch November 2015

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